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March 26, 2013 / la otra Mexicana

Las Embajadoras

Las Embajadoras

Las Embajadoras

This hotel restaurant in the upper center of town, on the way to the Presa de la Olla quickly became my favorite place when I came here forty-five years ago. Coming from the green hills of Connecticut, it was very hard to adjust to the months of dry weather and the barren hills surrounding Guanajuato. Las Embajadoras is built around a wonderful patio with bougainvillea, orange trees,
mulberries, a fountain and potted plants everywhere. A little ocean of green.
When I first came here, the patio floor was grass, and the tables and chairs were the folding variety supplied by Corona. The Sunday Comida, or main meal of the day was taquitos, consome, rice, chicken with mole, or just baked, with salad on the side, desert (flan) and agua fresca, and it cost 15 pesos, the equivalent of one American dollar and twenty cents.
Garth Williams, the illustrator of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, and many, many more children’s books, would come with his wife, Alicia.
He said over lunch one day, “Every license but a marriage license has to be renewed. Doesn’t it make sense to renew your marriage license every couple of years?” He was married four or five times…
When Bernardo was born, we would bring him in his little Moses basket, set him down under a tree, where he slept peacefully while we ate.
Later, we celebrated all birthdays, anniversaries and important dates here, like Bernardo’s First Communion breakfast, Mario’s successful thesis exam defense.
And when, I came back to Mexico, it was here that I was welcomed with open arms.
I used to rent a house when I came down with students in the summer, but then I got smart and just decided to stay here. It is in the middle of town, easily accessible, everyone knows where I am. The waiters know how I like my coffee. The food is fabulous. Dona Cata, the owner and force majeur, and I have a storehouse of memories which we share of an evening over hot chocolate or chamomile tea with much love and laughter. The owners are more than kind, saving me and mine from many a pickle.It is my home away from home.


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  1. diane (a/k/a nicki) / Apr 22 2013 11:53 am

    I love all your stories but perhaps this one is a favorite because I know the place you speak of and to see such a lovely picture of Catalina…….well, I just really enjoyed reading this on this chilly, spring morning.

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